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New York Islanders Rubik's Cube Game
New York Islanders Rubik's Cube Game
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Toppleball® Game

Toppleball® Game

Retail price: $157.38
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PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY.Requires only a 60' square area to playPlayed in over 10,000 recreation and school systemsPermits 15-25 players to participate and be involvedEasy to learn - play indoors or out - for ages 8 and upHow The Game is Played:Players form a circle and each takes a turn batting. Batter with the most runs wins game.Batter's Objective: Get the maximum number of runs before the "Toppleball" is knocked off the batter's post by the playground ball - batter hits the playground ball past the fielders and runs to the edge of the circle and back earning a run.Fielder's Objective: Get the batter out by knocking the "Toppleball" off the post with the playground ball - requires teamwork.
Manila 24' Climbing Rope with Leather Boot from American Athletic, Inc

Manila 24' Climbing Rope with Leather Boot from American Athletic, Inc

Retail price: $295.38
Your price: $295.38

Constructed of top quality 1 1/2" (38mm) diameter manila rope.Standard lengths of 24' (7.3M)All ropes come with steel top clamps installed, ready for attachment to ceiling clamps (not included)Quality equipment your athletes deserve. Since 1954.As an official supplier of gymnastics equipment to USA Gymnastics, AAI is proud of its continuing commitment to the development of gymnastics through participation in hundreds of National, State, Regional and local events affiliated with the USAG. AAI is the longest running partner in USAG's history.Warning: American Athletic, Inc. apparatus is designed to site on a hard flat surface such as concrete, wood, or urethane flooring, when in use. Placing any apparatus on top of matting, including base foam, can destabilize or alter the intended performance of the apparatus potentially resulting in catastrophic injury to the user.Gymnastic apparatus, accessories, and mats are designed using materials that will wear with use over time. All connection and component parts should be inspected before each use and replaced with the first sign of wear. Neglect or failure to do so could result in injury, or worse.The set-up, teardown, adjustment, or use of any piece of apparatus or mat, should only be done by, or under the supervision of a qualified instructor or coach.