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30" Circular Grate Guard

30" Circular Grate Guard

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Category: Other Sports P-S -> Softball
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PLEASE NOTE: THIS ITEM CANNOT SHIP VIA 3-DAY DELIVERY.Cover your hazardous drainage grates and utility boxes with non-skid, recycled rubber covers. Water flows through. Diminishes the risk of injuries to players and spectators. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.Please note that this item cannot be shipped internationally.Please note: this item cannot ship 3 Day.

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An advanced, baseball / softball knotless cage that makes efficient use of the twine. Absorbs impact over several meshes and has no high spots to hasten wear.Braided, knotless, 3.0 mm twine hung on the diamondTreated for UV protection and weather resistanceBorder ropes stitched to the net – secures cage, holds form, and reduces interior netting wearCenter rope supports ceiling of cageThree 6’ tie lines at each ceiling end of the cage6” tie lines at each bottom corner of the cagePlease Note: This item is for the net only.To order the Cimarron 70' x 12' x 12' Rookie Batting Cage And Frame, click here.CIM-CMH-7042CFKAS225
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Prolongs your batting cage net's lifeExcellent training add for your pitchersDurable vinyl constructionEasy to InstallWaterproofUnique J-L Design for pitcher's trainingThe first JUGS product, a curveball pitching machine, has developed into one of the most revolutionary training aids for all phases of the game of baseball. Other JUGS products which have spun off of this original concept are causing just as much excitement in their respective areas. Throughout the research and development of every JUGS product, John Paulson's methodology remained consistent - observe how athletes practice their respective sport, then develop machinery that would help these athletes improve to their highest possible level. Now, teams in seven other sports are enjoying better practices because of JUGS products. Besides baseball, there are now JUGS machines for softball, football, soccer, field hockey, lacrosse, tennis, and even the British Commonwealth's national sport - cricket!Today, over 85,000 teams use a JUGS machine at their practices. In fact, the most widely used pitching machines in the world are made by JUGS.
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